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Why you should wash your bed Sheets and Blankets on a regular basis?

Prevent unwanted creepy Crawlers from sharing your bed with you

Health and hospitality experts recommend washing sheets and pillowcases at least one time each week. If you don't wash your bed sheets regularly, your bedding will collect a buildup of oils, dirt, dead skin, and bacteria. The oil and dirt from your body can lead to tough stains on sheets. Your sheets also collect anything that comes off of your body—particularly dead skin, but also bacteria and pathogens. Dust mites feed on dead skin, and the feces from these microscopic insects can worsen symptoms for allergy sufferers.

How often should I wash my Beddings?

The frequency in which you should be washing your beddings is dependent on a number of factors such as whether you are using protector covers, whether you sleep without clothes as well as temperature in your room which impacts body perspirations. Below are a general guidelines on how often you should be washing your bedding items:

Sheets and pillowcases


Pillows (with protector)

3 times per year

Pillows (without protector)



Once to twice a year

Comforters with Covers

Twice a year

Duvet Covers

Weekly to Monthly

Mattress Covers


Bed Skirts

Bi-monthly to annually


Bi-monthly to annually


Bi-monthly to annually

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