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Types of Services

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Laundry Delivery 

Cleanze is a premium laundry delivery service.   We offer a number of different cleaning solutions with 24 - 48 hour turn around time.   We will return your clothes folded and smelling great!  After using our service, you will never do your own laundry again

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Linen rental Service

As a vacation rental owner, you want to ensure that your guest enjoy their stay so that they will return in the future or recommend your place to others .   Cleanze offers a linen rental service program where we provide you with the linens and swap them out after every guest.  We use high thread count cotton that will give your guest that 5 star hotel experience.  

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Blankets & Beddings

Residential machines are often not large enough to wash  blankets and beddings.  Even if your machines has the capacity, you can only wash one item at a time.   Cleanze offers very attractive pricing options for individual items but if you are looking for the best value, we recommend you opt for our bundle packages

HOw Does our Customers Use our SErvice?

When you Return from Vacation 

You just return from a long vacation and are trying to get back to your normal routine but are face with the daunting task of having to clean a suit case full of dirty laundry


 Instead of spending hours dealing with dirty laundry, you can contract Cleanze and we will pick up and return your laundry within 24 to 48 hours while you sit back and get back to your normal routine

When Laundry Starts Piling UP

Life sometimes just get hectic and many people struggle trying to balance kids, work and chores.    One of the first things that start piling up is your laundry.   We recognized that its probably not economical for most of our customers to use our service on a regular basis but if you just need some relief, Cleanze is your answer. 


Using our services is similar to ordering take out on a Friday when you just don't want to cook inside your own kitchen and need that extra day to recharge your battery after a long grueling week.   Similar to ordering take out, you are a few clicks away from having your laundry picked up and return neatly folded and smelling fresh 

When YOU have OUT OF TOwn Guest 

Before and after you have house guests is a perfect time to try using a wash and fold service. All those guest beds and extra bathroom towels? Those take a long time to wash in a residential washing machine and dryer. Instead, try sending these guest linens to a wash and fold service.

Bonus – Your fitted sheets will be folded perfectly!

When your machines are NOt Capable of washing Bulky ITems

When is the last time you wash your blanket and comforter?    Do you know that we lose up to 77lbs of skin cells in our lifetime which is equivalent to 15 million cells per night.   Dust mites love to live in your blankets and feed off of those delicious skin cells which can be a problem for asthma sufferers or those with allergies.   


This can be avoided if you wash your blankets on a regular basis but most residential machines are just not big enough to handle this load.   You can take it to the nearest laundromat but who wants to wait there for a few hours to get your bedding washed and dry.  What not  give us a call and we will handle everything and have your items delivered right to your door step smelling fresh and clean 

Your are business without any ONSITE Laundry and need to outsource that Function

If you are gym, Spa or Motel owner and have tons of linens and towels to wash on a daily basis but don't have a the capacity to do it inhouse, Cleanze can help with that.   You can reach us at or fill in details of your order at  commercial sales and we will contact you shortly with a quote 

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Let us Help You with your Dirty Laundry

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